Moodle 4.1 News

—Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I lose my course content when I import my existing course into Moodle 4.1?
    • NO. Moodle 4.1 will import everything from your original course.

  • Will the new template impact my course layout?
    • NO.  Your course format (weekly or topic) and content will appear in the same order as in your original course. However, the General section will now be called Course Essentials which includes a sample syllabus Moodle Book and other recommended items. Any integrated 2024 Course Structure Template items, such as a learning outcomes label, are hidden from students by default.

      NOTE: The 2024 Course Structure Template will only be applied to empty Moodle shells.

  • Will I need to update my course content?
    • MAYBE. You may need to update any student resource that addresses course navigation since Moodle 4.1 has simplified the user experience. You'll also want to review the Start of Term Procedures since they have been updated as well.
If you have any additional questions, please email