Enroll yourself in Moodle 101 3.8

Want to succeed in your online course? It's easy! Moodle 101 3.8 Student Orientation will prepare you for online learning and make sure you have the skills and resources you'll need to succeed in your online course. You'll:

  • Demonstrate the basic technical skills required to complete an online course in Moodle
  • Demonstrate how to submit assignments, forum posts, and quizzes in Moodle
  • Identify the support services available to online students at Clackamas Community College
  • Recognize what you need to do to be a successful online student

NOTE: There are no prerequisites for this course. Simply self-enroll via the provided link.


  • Submit posts and view forum grades
  • Filter calendar events by month, day, or upcoming events

  • Explore H5P interactive content
  • Enjoy offline learning with H5P content via the Mobile App

  • Print individual chapters from a Moodle Book
  • Download files in alternative accessible formats