Zoom Video Conferencing

—Zoom Cloud-Recordings Retention Plan

Zoom Video Cloud Recording will be stored in the Zoom Cloud for up to 90-days with permanent copies of the original videos automatically uploaded to Kaltura. These videos are available through MediaSpace or the My Media area of Moodle. 

    • Edited Videos: Zoom will automatically upload the original cloud recording to Kaltura, but if you edit your Zoom cloud recording you will need to manually download the edited video and upload to Kaltura if you wish to save those changes beyond the 90 days. However, the best choice is to edit your videos in Kaltura.
    • Permanently-Deleted Videos: We do not have a method to restore a permanently-deleted video so it is important that you verify (see instructions below) any video you wish to have beyond the 90-day retention plan is uploaded to Kaltura prior to the 90 days. 

    How-To Zoom Management