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What does the 2020/SP term timeline look like for faculty?

  Course Activity How to Accomplish Suggested Date
Pre-Term Start 1 - Get help with Moodle and/or Zoom

Visit the red bar on any Moodle page under Faculty > *Continuity of Instruction FAQ* to access resources, upcoming Moodle and Zoom trainings, and/or email online@clackamas.edu for assistance.

March 23rd-30th
2 - Create your remote teaching plan

You'll want to assemble your course assets: syllabus, learning outcomes, assessments, required textbooks, resource materials, etc. before you begin working in Moodle. Take some time to consider how you want your course structured—with a  weekly or module/topics format.

March 23rd-30th
3 - Update your syllabus

Include your communication and new course details as necessary. Be sure to include a link to the CCC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notifications too. When you're ready, upload it to Moodle or add it to your welcome email.

March 30th-April 5th
4 - Identity essential material to distribute

Check your remote teaching plan - what are the essential components for week one? What are your goals for this week, and do any of those goals rely on materials that need to be converted to a digital format?

March 30th-April 5th
5 - Send first welcome message

Send your welcome message to students to inform them how you will communicate throughout the term, through what medium, and how often.

April 3rd-5th
6 - Distribute student remote readiness survey

In your welcome message, consider including this short survey to students. While this will not ultimately be the determinate of how you teach, having a better idea of where your students technology capabilities are can inform important decisions you need to make.

Are you ready for online learning?

For example, if less than half of the class has reliable home internet, requiring synchronous sessions on Zoom might not be successful and an asynchronous option should be considered.

April 3rd-5th
7 - Review week one

By now you have completed a review of your course content for the first week or two of class, considered how you will deliver your essential content, and communicated critical information to your students. (Take a deep breath.)

Before the class automatically opens on the first day of the term, consider the information you have gathered. Is there anything glaringly missing? Are there stakeholders (your chair, admin, online learning staff) who you need to contact for any information? Remember that you can hide course elements from student view until you are ready to release them.

April 1st -5th
First Week 1 - Post welcome and syllabus

Welcome your students through your established communication method (as you outline in your course syllabus). Introduce yourself and the class.

April 6th
2 - Take attendance

You'll need to use an asynchronous attendance activity to record attendance such as:

April 6th-10th
3 - Manage late enrollments

As usual, there is likely to be much shuffling of students during the first week of the term. If a student approaches you requesting a late add to your course, you will need to contact Registration.

If you have students who are struggling with technology and access, you can refer them to the Cougar Connect Information Desk.

April 6th-10th
4 - Get started teaching!

Hopefully by day two or three of term you can start diving into the real curriculum of the course. Remember that there are best practices, pedagogical recommendations, and more technology resources available via the red bar on any Moodle page under Faculty.

April 7th-10th
Ongoing 1 - Host office hours

Host virtual office hours. This means being available for student questions and consultation during a specific, predetermined period of time. You can host virtual office hours through Zoom video conferencing, or simply be readily available through email or phone...whatever works for you and your class.

April 13th ->
2 - Deliver content

Keep calm and carry on: deliver your lectures, assess student comprehension, provide grade information and feedback, and engage with your class to the best of your ability.

3 - Get help with Moodle and/or Zoom

Visit the red bar on any Moodle page under Faculty > *Continuity of Instruction FAQ* to access resources, see upcoming Moodle and Zoom trainings, and/or email online@clackamas.edu for assistance.