Moodle Student FAQ

Forum subscriptions and emails

What are forum subscriptions?

Forum subscriptions allow you to (via email) stay up-to-date with conversations in any given forum. 

When you subscribe to a forum, you will receive a notice (via email) for each post made to that forum. This can be desirable for keeping tabs on conversations or undesirable in a particularly busy forum.

Forum subscriptions are controlled by the following:
  • Your instructor may choose to make a forum’s subscription mandatory, automatic, optional, or disabled.
  • You may have personal preferences whether you want to be subscribed or not to a forum when given the option.

You can change your personal preferences at any time.

Changing your forum subscription defaults

  1. Open the User Menu from the down-arrow located at the top-right of any Moodle page
  2. Click the Preferences link
  3. Under User Account, click the Forum preferences link
  4. Locate Forum auto-subscribe and select your preference.
    We suggest you change your settings to the following to reduce clutter in your inbox and increase readability of Forum posts in a class:
    • Email Digest TypeComplete: This will send a daily forum digest. 
    • Forum auto-subscribe: No. Where applicable, this will require you to check the subscribe box as you reply to a post.
    • Forum Tracking: Yes. This will list the number of unread posts, so you can see where the new forum content is located.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  6. Click the Save Changes button to save your changes
     This will NOT update the settings for existing forums where you have already posted. If you have already subscribed to a forum, you must manually change your subscription settings for that forum from within the Administration block. You must repeat this process for each forum.