—How do I use Office 365 to submit homework to Moodle?

No matter which productivity software application you use, you'll want to save your Office 365 homework file(s)—such as a Word document or an Excel Spreadsheet—to a local drive. This can be your Downloads, ‘C: Drive’, your Desktop, or a removable Thumb Drive. The locally-saved file can then be uploaded to your Moodle course.

Once you have completed your homework using Word (for example) in a browser:

  1. Click on the FILE menu.
  2. Click on the Save As menu.
  3. Click on Rename and Enter a name for this file according to your course assignment instructions, then click OK.
    : There is no Save button because Word automatically saves the document with a generic filename (i.e. document 1, document 2) as you work.
  4. Click on Download a Copy.
  5. Click the Download button.
    Your homework will download to a default location on your computer. 

Now your homework is ready to upload into your Moodle course.

NOTE: If your instructor has asked for a specific kind of document format, choose Download as PDF or Download as ODT instead. Be sure to double-check the look of the downloaded document, since formatting can change when the file is saved as a different type.
Some face-to-face or hybrid courses may require you to print and submit your assignment in-person. Be sure to review the assignment instructions and/or your syllabus for specific submission details.