Moodle Student FAQ

How do I use Office 365 to submit homework to Moodle?

Office 365 is a useful and inexpensive tool to use in creating documents for course assignments, quizzes or forum posts. But there are so many ways to share, post or save your documents in 365, that it can cause confusion when submitting finished work as part of a Moodle course. Keep it simple.

Save any document you create in Office 365 to be submitted to a course on a local drive. This can be your ‘C: Drive’, your Desktop or a removable Thumb Drive. The local document can then be uploaded to your Moodle class like any other file.

DO NOT save documents to be submitted to a course online on the ‘SkyDrive’ provided by Office 365. The following tutorial will walk you through the basic steps to save a document created in Office 365 to a local drive and upload the resulting file to an assignment in Moodle.

Here's how to save an Office 365 document to a local drive:

  1. Start by clicking on the FILE menu.
  2. A new screen will open.
    Click on Save As
    Click on Computer
    Click Browse to decide where you want to save the document locally
  3. Select where you want to save the document locally. In this example, I have selected the Desktop.
    Confirm that Save as type: is a Word Document.
    Click on Save.
  4. This word document has been saved to the Desktop.
    It is now ready to upload to an assignment.

NOTE: If your instructor has asked for a specific kind of document format, such as PDF or Rich Text Format, choose that under “Save as type:”. You’ll want to double-check the look of the newly saved document, formatting can change when saving as a different type.