Moodle Student FAQ

To keep up with emails coming into your Clackamas account, it can be helpful to forward messages to a personal account you check regularly.

The following process will let you know the content of any email sent your email account so you only have to check your personal one. You will be able to reply to these forwarded emails, but it will be sent from your personal emailTo reply from your student email you MUST sign into our email to respond through there.

Instead of forwarding your email you may also opt to use a Microsoft Outlook app  for your desktop or smartphone to get notifications, read, and respond to school emails.

  1. Login to your MyClackamas Outlook Mail App (PDF instructions)
  2. Once in the Outlook Email Web Client locate and click the Gear icon in the top-right corner to open the menu.
  3. In the settings navigation bar, under Your app settings, select Mail.
  4. Within the Mail section, under Accounts, click the Forwarding link.
  5. Select Start Forwarding and enter your personal email that you would like email to be forward to.
    (You can select Keep a copy of forwarded messages if you would like to keep them in your student email as well as forward them to your personal email. This makes it easier to respond from your student email when needed.)
  6. Click the Save button above the form to save these changes.