Moodle Student FAQ

What is the minimum technology I need to use Moodle?

To successfully participate in an online or hybrid course, you’ll need a computer. However, as a CCC student, you may use any lab computer in Streeter Hall and the Dye Learning Center on the CCC Oregon City Campus. There are also computers available at the Harmony Community Campus and Wilsonville campus, as well as in many public libraries.

You'll also need the following minimum technology:

Internet access

High speed broadband or DSL recommended.
Don't know who services your area with internet? Check out to see high speed internet options for you.

See what high speed options are available in your area at

Program capable of unzipping compressed files

Most recent operating systems are capable of extracting zip files but if in doubt, 7zip is a free resource that will do that and more.

The ability to view PDF files

Most recent web browsers can open PDF files but you can also download Adobe’s Acrobat Reader here.

Antivirus software

Recent versions of Windows have Windows Security Essentials or Windows Defender included for free. Ensure it’s active for your own safety and those you share files with!