—How do I get my digital course materials?

Follett ACCESS is a powerful and convenient program designed to ensure students get the course materials they need to succeed before their first day of class.

The Follett ACCESS program delivers required course materials to students for any of the courses participating in the program. The cost will be included with in tuition or course charges. Digital course materials will be made available to students directly within Moodle.

The Benefits of Follett ACCESS Program

  • You will have all required course materials on the first day of class.
  • Receiving materials is hassle free.
  • Easily access and manage digital course materials.
  • Zero stress about getting the wrong book or wrong edition.

Will I save money?

Yes! Publishers provide significant discounts to participate in this program and those discounts are passed on to you via this program. Course material charges will be part of your tuition and charge structure with the campus. You can use your financial aid and other tuition payment options available to you by your campus.

How do I get my course materials?

For courses that are part of the Follett ACCESS program, materials will be made available by the campus store automatically.

Confirmation emails to your academic .edu email address or communications from the campus and/or instructors will be provided to share your product access details in Moodle for digital content.

Questions can be directed to your bookstore.

How do I get my Non-ACCESS course materials?

Only required course materials are included in the ACCESS Program. Additional recommended materials may be ordered online or visit us in the bookstore where our textbook experts will be happy to assist you.

What if I add or drop a course?

Digital materials will be automatically refunded and your access to the material will be removed upon confirmation of your section drop.

If you add a new course that is part of the ACCESS program, Digital course materials should be available and delivered to you within 24-48 hours of that enrollment If you add a course that is not part of the program, follow the steps above under the “How do I get my non-ACCESS course materials?” section.

Is there an Opt-Out Option?

Yes. You will be provided the option to Opt-Out of the program. You will receive an Opt-Out email or follow this link to request to opt-out by entering your student email and selecting forgot password to receive your direct link to the customer portal.

Opt-Out URL: https://ACCESSPortal.follett.com:443/2337

If you have any issues accessing your Digital Textbook visit BryteWave Student Support to get assistance.