Moodle Help FAQ

What does the 2023/SU term timeline look like for students?

  Course Activity How to Accomplish Suggested Date
Pre-Term Start 1 - Establish your technology plan

Complete the Are you ready for online learning? survey. You can use it as a guide to establishing your own technology plan. The survey will help you identify what kind of access you'll need, and whether there are gaps that you should address with your instructors. Additionally, you can find up-to-date support at CCC Resources and Information for Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic and CCC Support and Emergency Funding Resources.

Jun 19-25
2 - Download Zoom

Zoom is CCC's video conferencing standard and will be used for most remote delivery. Zoom is a free tool that works on all major platforms. We recommend you pre-install the Zoom Cloud Meetings App on the computer or devices, you plan to use for school. Links to install App Store | Google Play | Windows | Mac

Jun 19-25
3 - Access Office 365

As a CCC student, you have free access to the full suite of MS Office products, including cloud storage through OneDrive, and/or a free, licensed download of the MS Office Suite for Windows and Mac. Download and install Office 365 on your home devices.

Jun 19-25
4 - Check your email and Moodle access

Checking your CCC student email account and Moodle courses regularly are hugely important for course success. Make sure you know where and how to log in.

Jun 19-25
5 - Identify your Instructor and their contact information

Communication is key! If you don't have access to your course syllabus yet and are not sure how to connect with your instructors, you can quickly find information using the CCC Directory and Schedule of Classes.

Jun 21-25
6 - Purchase textbooks and publisher material

You can place orders for your textbooks online through the CCC Bookstore. While the bookstore is currently open by appointment only, they are offering free shipping on all ground orders of $49 or more.

Jun 21-25
7 - Contact CCC support services if needed

Now is the time to connect with CCC's support services. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need! These offices are all offering online and remote options available via your Moodle Dashboard under Academic Support & Essentials.

Jun 21-25
8 - First-time students complete Moodle 101

Is this your first term as a CCC student? Complete the Moodle 101 Self-Guided Student Orientation course already on your Dashboard in Moodle. This free course will prepare you for remote learning and make sure you have the skills and resources you'll need to succeed in your online course.

Jun 25
First Week 1 - Check your my.Clackamas email

Day One! Check to see if your instructors have sent you a message at 

Jun 26
2 - Log in to Moodle and review your courses

It's time to log in to Moodle and explore your online course(s). Individual instructors set up their courses differently, so make sure you're visiting each of the courses you are enrolled in and have a look around.

Jun 26
3 - Read your course syllabus

Find it, read it, and save a copy! Your syllabus is your guide to how your instructor will conduct the course and all of the expectations for assignments, etc. Don't skip this.

Jun 26-30
4 - Complete the attendance activities

CCC requires students to attend all courses during the first week of term, and instructors will be collecting attendance through a variety of asynchronous and synchronous methods. Check your email and Moodle for details on their expectations, and make sure to complete these assignments ASAP.

Jun 26-30
5 - Connect with your instructor and ask questions

After you've had a look at each syllabus and course, do you have any burning questions or concerns? Now is the time to ask questions and advocate for what you need!

Jun 26-30
6 - Review term deadlines

Reference the CCC Academic Calendar for the latest information.

Jun 26-30
Ongoing 1 - Complete your activities and assignments

'Attend' classes, submit your assignments, complete activities, and stay engaged by checking your email and Moodle regularly.

Jun 26- >
2 - Attend virtual office hours if needed

Instructors will be offering some format for virtual office hours. Check your syllabus for details.

3 - Get help with Moodle or Zoom

Visit the red bar on any Moodle page under Students > Moodle Help to get answers to your questions.