This content type allows students to receive instant feedback on a text that they have composed. You can define a set of keywords that will trigger individual responses if they are found or missing in the text.

The text which students created will be scanned for keywords that have been defined by you beforehand. Several options make this rather simple approach quite flexible for giving feedback.

You can restrict the number of characters that the students may use to cover all the important aspects of a given topic. This way they can stimulate cognitive efforts that are needed to distinguish between important facts and less relevant details. Also, you cannot only award points for keywords that have been found (multiple times), but you can provide verbal feedback. If a crucial keyword is missing, you could e.g. point out that an important aspect seems to have been neglected and should be considered when writing the next iteration of the text. On the contrary, if a keyword is found, you could praise the student and confirm the significance of the aspect which the word represents.

The content type does not replace grading but could assist you.

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