In this course students will learn the construction, operation, service and repair of clutches, manual transmission, U-joints, drive lines, final drives, overdrive, and four wheel drives. 05/09/2022-06/09/2022 Remote Lecture/Lab Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 01:00PM - 05:50PM, Room to be Announced
Course designed to familiarize students with the responsibilities of the parts manager, service manager and service writer and the day to day responsibilities of operating a business. 03/29/2022-06/07/2022 In-Person Lecture Tuesday 06:00PM - 09:50PM, Barlow Hall, Room B162
Provides students with knowledge of theory and physical description of hybrid, Electric, Fuel cell vehicles. The student will have the opportunity to acquire practical experience in the area of diagnosing and repairing alternative fuel transportation vehicles. 03/28/2022-04/28/2022 In-Person Lecture/Lab Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 07:00AM - 11:50AM, Barlow Hall, Room B162