Lab course for the CH-222 lecture course. 01/06/2022-03/17/2022 Remote Lab Thursday 01:00PM - 03:50PM, DJ-236
A lab course discussing basic concepts of chemical bonding; molecular geometry and bonding theories; gases; intermolecular forces, solids, and liquids; properties of solutions; kinetics; and chemical equilibrium. 01/03/2022-03/19/2022 Online Lecture Tuesdays, noon-2 pm on Zoom, seminar 8-9 pm on Wednesdays on Zoom, and lab on Thursdays 6-8:50 pm on DJ-236.
Transfer lab course for science, engineering, and professional majors. Covers the nature of chemistry, atomic theory, electron configuration, structure, bonding, properties, composition and nomenclature of covalent and ionic substances. Introduces organic chemistry and biochemistry topics. 01/03/2022-03/19/2022 Online Lecture on Mondays 6-8 pm, on Zoom, seminar time Wednesdays 6-7 pm on Zoom, and lab sessions are Tuesdays 6-8:50 pm in DJ-236.