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Login to Moodle

  1. Confirm that you are using Firefox or Chrome as your web browser.
  2. Log in (if you haven't already done so) with the Login block to the right.
  3. Locate your user menu in the top right corner and click Dashboard to see your courses.

Need Help?

Explore the extensive resources available at the Dye Learning Center. Free services include tutoring in math, science, writing, technology, accounting, and other academic subjects. And don't forget about online tutoring with Smarthinking

Want to Succeed in Your Online Course?

It's easy! Moodle 101 Self-Guided Student Orientation will prepare you for online learning and make sure you have the skills and resources you'll need to succeed in your online course.

NOTE: There are no prerequisites for this course. Simply self-enroll via the provided link.

Moodle FAQs

Issues logging into Moodle? Old class sticking around? Getting errors? See our Moodle Frequently Asked Questions!

The Moodle Help Desk provides the answers... with its comprehensive database, step-by-step instructions, and live help.

Sign up for Online Classes!

Look under Online Learning in the Schedule of Classes and in a special section of the printed version. You can easily locate fully online classes by the Online/WEB icon, and classes that combine online with face-to-face by the Hybrid/HYB icon.

If you want to know if a particular course is online, you can also contact the academic or career technical department directly. Then email or call 503-594-6074 for registration assistance.

Categories (Manual Course Access)

Students and faculty access to assigned courses.

Faculty Workspace
Faculty access to course staging areas and workspaces.

Students and faculty access to group, organization, and department resources for courses.