Moodle Host Transition FAQ

How can I ask a question about the transition?

Access the Moodle Host Transition FAQ Form and we'll add your question and our answer to this page so other faculty can benefit. Don't forget to let us know if you'd like some personal follow-up too.

How can I learn more about the Moodle 3.6 and eThink transition?

Simply attend one of our Moodle Clinics (see the schedule at right), email, call 503-594-6618, or Zoom with us. Meanwhile, check out this introductory video from Dave Mount, CCC English Faculty about our Moodle 3.6 and eThink overview course.

Will my older courses still be available to me?

Yes. However, if you can't easily locate your older course in Moodle (it should appear on your customizable Dashboard), please let us know. We've moved courses older than a year and a term (1.25 years) to an archive, which you can request to be restored via our Moodle Course Cleanup Form. This new archive process will keep Moodle running at its optimum.

Will my older courses work with Boost even if I don't change the theme now?

Yes. All courses will automatically update to the Boost theme beginning Summer Term 2019. However, we suggest an early and intentional theme transition to avoid unexpected surprises as there are rare cases where the content may require additional format changes.

Can I still make a Backup of my course?

Yes. Moodle will automatically backup your course once a week, but we recommend that you make an End of Term Backup to your local computer as part of the End of Term Procedure.

Will I be able to customize Moodle?

Yes. The transition will allow us to customize Moodle—within an accessibility framework—to better support teaching and learning. Look for us to introduce new customization and functionality as new Moodle 3.6 tools become available! However, keep in mind... it is best practice in online pedagogy to provide consistency of user experience, so that when students move from one course and course shell to another, they are not confronted with an entirely new look / feel and are not challenged by new navigation.

Will there be a search function on the Moodle Dashboard?

No. However, you will be able to customize the Dashboard to easily find, sort, and display your courses just the way you like. Check out this Moodle Dashboard Tour by Dave Mount, CCC English Faculty.

Transition Week

June 17: Grades Due
June  18-20: Moodle Unavailable
June 21: Moodle Transition Complete
June 22: Moodle Help 10-3pm via email
June 23: Moodle Help 10-3pm via email
June 24: First Day of Summer Term

Past Moodle Clinics
Week 7
  • May 14: 11-12 noon -T
  • May 15: 11-12 noon - W
  • May 16: 11-12 noon - TH
Week 8
  • May 21: 9-12 noon - T
  • May 22: 9-12 noon - W
  • May 23: 9-12 noon - TH
Week 9
  • May 28: 11-2 pm - T
  • May 30: 11-2 pm - TH
  • May 31: 11-2 pm - F
Week 10
  • June 4: 2-5 pm - T
  • June 5: 2-5 pm - W
  • June 6: 2-5 pm - TH
Week 11
  • June 11: 2-5 pm - T
  • June 12: 2-5 pm - W
  • June 13: 2-5 pm - TH

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