Moodle Student FAQ

How to reset your password

Password resets need to be done at the MyClackamas Portal, those changes will then be applied to Moodle. So... attempt to login to, then select Forgot my Password to begin the reset process.

Reset your password

Right now you will need to tell MyClackamas that you forgot your password, you'll need to have a personal email registered with the college as a backup. If you don't or are not sure, contact Enrollment Services and have them set a new backup email and reset your password.

Travis Swanson

Enrollment Services
(503) 594-6708

Password requirements are:

  • Minimum length of 8 characters
  • Old passwords cannot be reused.  The system will not allow anyone from changing their password to any of the previous 5 passwords used on the account.
  • Password complexity. This means that when you create a new password it must contain at least 3 of the following 4 characteristics:
    • Upper case character, example: A
    • Lower case character, example: a
    • Number, example: 1
    • Special Character: examples: !@#$%^&*()

How to make better passwords

The best passwords are...

  • Long (length is more important than complexity in a lot of cases!)
  • Not used on other sites (this is key because of cases where massive account leaks occur!)
  • Not something someone can guess by knowing you/looking you up such as: name of family members, pets, personal nicknames, home addresses, sports teams, favorite hobbies, etc.

Use a Password Manager to keep all of your Unique Passwords

Some of these have browser plugins and mobile apps for easy access and autofill for your passwords. (this can also mean you don’t have to remember all of your different logins or which email you used on a site!)

Create longer passwords that are still memorable

These are ideal for master passwords and those you can’t always auto-fill such as computer lock screens.