Moodle Student FAQ

I get an error after clicking on my Moodle course

There are a number of different errors you can get. Most occur for new folks or those who have changed their password at some point. This is just Moodle and MyClackamas re-establishing their connection to your account and it’s easy to fix!

  1. You will get a white error page with dark text and not much else.
    Depending on your error you will want to look for and click on the following:
    Click here to enter your credentials
    Click here to enter your Moodle Username and password.
    (wording may not perfectly match!)
  2. You will come to a page that asks for your Windows credentials.
    In the box that asks for your Windows User Name enter the first part of your MyClackamas email. If your email is you just enter firstname.lastname
  3. In the next two boxes enter your CURRENT MyClackamas password for both Windows Password as well as Confirm Windows Password.
  4. Once done, click the OK button to move on.

  5. You will get a brief page that says simply Connecting to Moodle.
    It should then take you to your course.
This process should not be needed again unless you change your password again later. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact Moodle Help ( for assistance.