What is a good password?

A good password will be something easy for you to remember... but would be difficult for someone else to guess. Longer passwords and, even better, passphrases are more difficult for hackers to guess but it is important to avoid commonly used phrases and words.

Passwords utilizing uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols are considered stronger than those containing just letters. However, a password, such as ‘Password123$’, which contains characters from all four categories, can easily be cracked by hacking software because it is a common dictionary word. 

Here's a good example:
  1. Start with a meaningful phrase or quote: Cougars love Dr. Tim Cook!
  2. Remove spaces or substitute with special characters: Cougars*love*Dr.TimCook!
  3. Substitute a special character or number: Cougars*love*Dr.TimC00k!