—How do I translate course content?

To automatically translate course content and other web pages.

Google Translate is a free tool (see Google’s Terms of Service) that can be built into your Chrome web browser for easy use. The addition of this extension provides a button that will be added to your toolbar, usually to the right of the address bar.

Clicking this button will display two options:

  • A text box and Translate button that will allow you to quickly enter and translate a single word or phrase.

  • A link to automatically translate the whole page by clicking the TRANSLATE THIS PAGE link.


To Install the Extension

  1. Open the Chrome Web Browser (this is NOT available on other browsers.)

  2. Optional: Navigate to the Chrome Web Store

  3. Locate the Google Translate Extension (If you don't follow the link make sure you get the one Offered by: translate.google.com)

  4. Click the Add to Chrome button

  5. A popup will appear asking to Add "Google Translate"? and describing what the extension needs access to.

  6. Click the Add Extension button.

Troubleshooting: Can't find the Extension after it's been installed?

  1. Click the Extensions (Puzzle Piece icon) in the top-right corner of your Chrome Web Browser window.

  2. A drop-down should appear, locate the entry for Google Translate and click the associated Pin Extension icon.

  3. If you're unable to find it listed there, click the customize and control Google chrome (three dots icon) button.

  4. Expand the More Tools item on the lower half of the list.

  5. Select the Extensions item.

  6. Locate the card for Google Translate. 

  7. Ensure that the toggle in the lower-right corner of it is active (colorful, not greyed out) and thus enabled.