Moodle Help FAQ

If your instructor has chosen to adopt a digital textbook—such as Pearson Revel or MyLab & Mastering—you'll find the access information in a CCC email and (most likely) in the course syllabus and/or as a link in your Moodle course wherever textbook information is located.

However, if you decide to opt-out of the textbook access, you'll need to refer back to the original access email that you received with the opt-in instructions; you'll find the opt-out instructions at the bottom of that email. If you cannot locate the original email—be sure to check your spam folder too—you will receive several reminder emails before the opt-out deadline, which is the end of the second week of the term.

If you are still having issues, we recommend that you reach out to the bookstore directly via phone (503-594-6500) or their online customer service page .