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Zoom Video Conferencing

—How to Access Zoom Cloud Recordings in Kaltura

There are two ways to access your Zoom Cloud Recordings in Kaltura. The first way is to login to MediaSpace and the second way is to access your videos through the My Media area in Moodle. 


  1. Go to video.clackamas.edu
  2. Click Not Logged In
  3. Click Login
  4. If it doesn't log you in immediately using SSO use your College email and password to login to your account.  
  5. Click your profile name in the top right
  6. Click My Media


  1. Go to online.clackamas.edu
  2. Click on Log in
  3. Click on My Media in the red bar

NOTE: All content added to Kaltura in Moodle will show up in MediaSpace, but YouTube Videos in MediaSpace will not show up in Moodle.