Advanced features of SolidWorks will be discussed and problems will be worked that exemplify them. Subjects include equations, configurations, design tables and dynamics. Required: Student Petition. 03/30/2021-06/10/2021 Online or Remote Lecture/Lab Tuesday, Thursday 04:30PM - 07:20PM, Room to be Announced
Introduction to Fusion. 04/02/2021-06/11/2021 Online or Remote Lecture/Lab Friday 04:30PM - 07:20PM, Room to be Announced
Revit for Architecture. 03/29/2021-06/09/2021 Online or Remote Lecture/Lab Monday, Wednesday 04:30PM - 07:20PM, Room to be Announced
Introduces parametric and adaptive modeling techniques using Autodesk Inventor. This course will guide students through design environment setup, creation of simple and complex part geometry, assembly building, animation, and detailed 2D drawing output. 12/09/2020-06/18/2021 Lecture/Laboratory Days to be Announced, Times to be AnnouncedGladstone High School, Room CLSRM