In order for a community to be truly prepared to respond to any type of natural and/or man-made disaster, it must develop effective emergency planning. This course will provide an introduction to the multiple aspects of disaster planning. It explores the patterns of human disaster behavior, social psychology and communication as well as the basics of generic planning actions, planning concepts, implementation, and action. 10/01/2020-12/10/2020 Online/Lecture Thursday 06:00PM - 08:50PM, Room to be Announced
This course demonstrates the importance of risk reduction programs and the history of Threats and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA). Emergency management professionals must assess weaknesses and establish programs to reduce risks during preparedness for the whole community. This course will give students a basic understanding of risk management and risk prevention in emergency management. 09/29/2020-12/08/2020 Online/Lecture Tuesday 06:00PM - 08:50PM, Room to be Announced
This course introduces Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) as a profession. The course begins with the historical context of HSEM and provides a foundation for the many disciplines within the field including threats and hazards analysis, hazard mitigation, emergency preparedness, response and recovery. The course also provides an overview of current issues, policies, best practices and lessons learned. 09/28/2020-12/09/2020 Online/Lecture Monday, Wednesday 06:00PM - 07:50PM, Room to be Announced