Cooperative work experience. Provides students with on-the-job work experience in the field of anthropology (may involve physical anthropology, and/or archaeology, and/or cultural anthropology). Variable Credit: 2-6 credits. Required: Student Petition. 09/28/2020-12/12/2020 Field Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced
Introduces the diversity of contemporary human cultures and the ways anthropologists study and compare them in an effort to understand how different societies organize their lives and make sense of the world around them. Explores the interrelationships among the various elements of culture. 09/30/2020-12/09/2020
Introduces the methods and theories used by archaeologists to study the development of human cultures. Provides a survey of world prehistory, tracing the transition of human societies from hunting and gathering to farming, to the beginning of urban life and the rise of early civilizations. 09/28/2020-12/09/2020
Introduces the study of humans as biocultural beings in the context of modern genetics, evolutionary theory, primate taxonomy, anatomy and behavior, fossil hominines, and the role of the physical anthropologist in forensic science. 09/28/2020-12/12/2020