Applies the sociological framework to the study of social problems, their identification, analysis of causes and possible solutions. Problems explored may include mental disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, crime and delinquency, group discrimination, inequality, poverty, alienation, domestic and international violence, environment, and energy. 06/23/2020-08/13/2020 Online/Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 12:00PM - 02:45PM, Room to be Announced
This course explores how people can change their society. Social change is a process that can be used by people in a society, to change and improve the functioning of their society. This course will explore and discuss how people-led social movements, in the past and in the present, can be developed, organized, and implemented to accomplish social change. 06/22/2020-08/12/2020 Online/Lecture Monday, Wednesday 12:00PM - 02:45PM, Room to be Announced
This course explores the inequality that exists in our society. Social stratification is the unequal distribution of resources and opportunities in a society. Issues like gender, race, poverty, education and capitalism will be explored and discussed in an attempt to understand their impact on the inequality that we experience in our society. Various sociological theories will be introduced and utilized to explore and enhance our understanding of these issues. 06/22/2020-08/13/2020 Online/Lecture Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced