An introductory automotive service class intended to provide fundamental knowledge and basic experience about automobiles. Covers automotive systems, preventive maintenance and performing basic repairs. Also provides skill and knowledge for purchasing cars, choosing quality mechanics, and making good economic decisions about repairs and costs. Intended generally to enhance the overall satisfaction of being an automotive consumer and car owner. 08/25/2020-11/20/2020 Lecture/Laboratory Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 08:00AM - 09:50AM, Barlow Hall, Room B113
Power Transmission Syst Theory. 06/22/2020-09/05/2020 Online/Lecture Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced
Cooperative work experience. Work-related learning experience in an auto repair shop or auto dealership. Variable Credit: 1-6 credits. Required: Student Petition. 06/22/2020-08/13/2020 Online/Lab Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced
Course designed to familiarize students with the responsibilities of the parts manager, service manager and service writer and the day to day responsibilities of operating a business. 06/23/2020-09/01/2020 Online/Lecture Tuesday 06:00PM - 09:50PM, Room to be Announced
Provides students with knowledge of theory and physical description of hybrid vehicles. The student will have the opportunity to acquire practical experience in the area of diagnosing and repairing hybrid vehicles. 06/26/2020-09/04/2020 Online/Lecture-Lab Friday 07:30AM - 02:50PM, Room to be Announced
This course is designed to provide an overview of basic small engine maintenance, operation and repair. It covers safety, small engine theory, electrical systems, and troubleshooting. Classroom instruction covering theory of operation, 2 cycle and 4 cycle designs and applications, combined with hands-on live projects provides the student the opportunity to learn basic principles of small engine operation, including outdoor equipment, motorcycles, and A.T.V.'s. 06/22/2020-09/01/2020 Online/Lecture-Lab Monday, Tuesday 06:00PM - 09:20PM, Room to be Announced