Students will participate in supervised, unpaid assignment, in community medical center and clinic laboratories to gain practical experience. A weekly seminar accompanies this course. Required: Student Petition.
01/06/2020-03/21/2020 Lecture Thursday 09:00AM - 09:50AM, Harmony East Building, Room H320 (more)...
Designed for the laboratory assistant employed in any healthcare facility, most applicable to physician's office laboratory, instructing them in laboratory coding, billing and insurance practices, and other administrative duties, with emphasis on patient test management and professionalism.
This course also covers vital signs as required by NAACLS. Required: Student Petition.
01/09/2020-03/19/2020 Lecture Tuesday 01:15PM - 3PM, Harmony East Building, Room H320
This course covers hematology and urinalysis theory at the clinical assistant level scope of practice. Correct specimen collection will be emphasized. This course will instruct students to define, assess, and evaluate various waived tests. Accuracy and attention to detail will be stressed. Quality control topics covered include the use of controls, standards, and laboratory protocols.
01/07/2020-03/19/2020 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 10:00AM - 11:20AM, Harmony East Building, Room H320