A one-term preparatory course that introduces the Health Occupations student to the scientific method, molecular and cellular biology, principles of inheritance, natural selection, tissues and organ systems. Topics and skills covered prepare students to enter BI-231, Anatomy & Physiology and BI-234, Introductory Microbiology. 03/31/2020-06/11/2020 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 12:30PM - 01:50PM, Pauling, Room P131
Biology lab to the BI-103 lecture section. 03/31/2020-06/11/2020 Laboratory Tuesday, Thursday 10:30AM - 11:50AM, Dejardin Hall, Room DJ117
Biology lab to the BI-102 lecture section. 03/31/2020-06/11/2020 Laboratory Tuesday, Thursday 07:30PM - 08:50PM, Dejardin Hall, Room DJ123
An inquiry-based laboratory course focusing on human and animal body systems; including teratogens, Hox genes and hormone mimics in embryonic development. Activities emphasize comparisons across animal phyla to better understand the diversity of life. The class uses student centered activities in a collaborative learning environment to enhance appreciation of the animal kingdom. 03/31/2020-06/11/2020 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 06:00PM - 07:20PM, Dejardin Hall, Room DJ123