Cooperative work experience. Major emphasis on work-based learning experience in the renewable energy field. Coordination of instruction and evaluation of student job performance will be provided by college faculty in conjunction with the student's employer/supervisor. Variable Credit: 1-12 credits. Required: Student Petition. 01/06/2020-03/21/2020 Field Days to be Announced, Times to be AnnouncedVirtual Online Building, Room JOBSITE
This fourth course in the series will concentrate on systems design for renewable energy applications. Students will work together and apply concepts to evaluate, design and select one or more renewable energy systems for solar, wind or micro-hydro installations. Topics will include site surveys, structural elements, electrical generators, energy storage and electrical inversion. 01/06/2020-03/18/2020 Lecture/Laboratory Monday, Wednesday 10:00AM - 12:50PM, Industrial Technology Center, Room I203B
This course concentrates on the conservation of scarce energy resources in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The course will examine the common sources of energy loss in building systems and homes, industrial processes and transportation. Students will be introduced to residential energy audits and mitigation. Topics will also include regenerative transportation systems, LEED certification, test instruments, insulation values, heat exchangers and financial payback period. Includes hands-on lab exercises. 01/06/2020-03/18/2020 Lecture/Laboratory Monday, Wednesday 05:30PM - 08:20PM, Industrial Technology Center, Room I203B
This course provides a survey of various renewable energy systems. Participants will learn about the benefits and limitations of each type of energy source as well as their functional principles. Students will participate in several field learning exercises related to energy systems. The intended audiences are technical students wishing to explore the Renewable Energy field and students from the humanities and social sciences wanting a better understanding of this socially important technology. 12/03/2019-03/12/2020 Lecture Days to be Announced, Times to be AnnouncedGladstone High School, Room CLSRM